A pitch - presentation has been produced for the Carbon Trust Marine Renewables Proving Fund ( MRPF ) . Due to difficulties in communication it is unclear when this will be presented to the fund . Currently this application is on hold .

Partners and Investors are being sought by Blue Planet Hydrogen for the production of a domestic power unit that will provide CHP ( Combined Heat and Power ; Hot Water and Electricity ) in the home or for use in remote stations ; for instance Off - Shore ( ships ) .

Further investigations into suitable partners and funding sources are on - going . These are sought in the following areas ;
Agricultural Machinery ( where battery technology precludes the use of ( under powered ) PEM Fuel Cells ) , Industrial CHP plant , Electricity ( Steam Turbine ) Generation , Domestic Stoves , Hot Water Systems , Automotive and Engine Applications .

If you have an interest in investing in BPH ( Blue Planet Hydrogen ) or offer Mechanical / Electrical Engineering Partnerships , please contact the company here ( links to our contacts page )