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Development Work Stage

April 13, 2010
With Local Partners and Prospective Investors , go ahead is given for sub-assembly fabrication and developmental testing .

BPH has entered Barclays' Bank One Small Step Competition ; the entry includes a brief audio pitch , describing the company's approach towards improving efficiencies in the Hydrogen Supply Chain .

Please remember to vote for our entry on the Barclays web site .


SWRDA / Carbon Trust Research

February 24, 2010
A Grant Application has been made to initiate the AGA Proving Project .

In addition , a model of the basic Fuel System now exists for demonstration purposes .

Other funding options are being considered and BPH Ltd is approaching other development partners ;

e.g. Intelligent Energy ;

BPH Ltd is also following developments at Clean and Cool 2010 , Conference , San Francisco .

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January 23, 2010

First round funding application submitted to NESTA ; , January 22, 2010

Application made for 50% funds towards AGA Proving , where principle modes of operation are to be demonstrated .

Further Applications ( eg. South West Regional Development Agency ) depend on returns , to requests for quotations .

FEEDBACK ; discussion has revealed that the AGA Project is looking good for funding ( £150,000 ) and should be completed in under six months from funding ...
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Carbon Trust Applied Research

December 22, 2009
Costings are in progress for the AGA Proving Program , to be carried out in 2010 .

This includes ;
  • the design of Testing Strategies ( H2 % by Volume ) that are part of the Design and Build Process .
  • improved business plan descriptors and formulation
  • one new IP application made , to Concept House
  • follow up correspondence with AGA
Recent contact with ;
  • PVC Prototype Manufacturers ; for bespoke mouldings in PVC , prototype component assemblies .
  • BSI Standards ; , with quotations...

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Venture Capital / Incubators

November 19, 2009
With website nearing completion ( please use the contact page to request a non disclosure document and gain password access to Technical Pages ) .. Having some difficulty with e-mail communications ( with Jane Bayliss , bread and butter employer @ Nelson Thornes , UK )

Several business support networks have been contacted for Advice and Funding , either / or on a Venture Capital or Incubation Funding basis ; these include ...
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Funding Applications

November 17, 2009
A pitch - presentation has been produced for the Carbon Trust Marine Renewables Proving Fund ( MRPF ) . Due to difficulties in communication it is unclear when this will be presented to the fund . Currently this application is on hold .

Partners and Investors are being sought by Blue Planet Hydrogen for the production of a domestic power unit that will provide CHP ( Combined Heat and Power ; Hot Water and Electricity ) in the home or for use in remote stations ; for instance Off - Shore ( ship...
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PEM Fuel Cell Fuelling

November 17, 2009
A visit was made to the Chemical Engineering Department of Birmingham University , October 16 , 2009 , for meeting with Dr Waldemar Bujalski , MAIChemE , Senior Research Fellow , Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Research Group ( School of Chemical Engineering , University of Birmingham , Edgbaston , Birmingham B15 2TT, UK .. please see ) .. this lead to a greater depth of knowledge into the PEM Fuel Cell Technology still under development there .

Low power output achi...
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November 17, 2009
In roads towards specification are being made in a number of places ;

Some specification resources ; ; supply two sizes of Oxyhydrogen Gas welding equipment ( suitable for prototype construction ) . However , @ ~ £ 3,000 ea. this is currently beyond budget . ; home electronics for ( full frequency / amplitude adjustable ) PWM cicuitry are under construction ( still subject to circuit break / short circuit testing and output performance ...
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Patents Applied For ..

November 17, 2009
Two UK patents are currently registered and are therefore pending for the company ..

These are ;

1. Energy Recapture Schematic for Combined Heat and Power Plants

2. Ultra - Efficient Hydrogen Production , for On demand H2 Fueling , Fuel Cells

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Blue Planet Hydrogen

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